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About VTL Poland

Welcome to become a part of VTL Poland's world of bearings.

The world of technology is a place where we feel good. Constantly raising competences and aquiring knowledge means that we face new challenges every day. We create solutions with carefully selected materials and excellent workmanship and keep pace with latest technologies.

We work with renowned academic centers. We create products for demanding professionals. Our solutions are used in the mining industry, transport, automotive sector and medicine. Trust gained in many industries, on many continents motivates us to continuous improvement.

We have a dedicated team of experts at your disposal. With enthusiasm and insight, we choose the best solution or together with you we will design new ones.

Why choose VTL SilverBear™?

Quality – just like our products, is the sum of components that makes them work even in the most difficult conditions. Click on the bearing and see why it is worth to choose VTL SilverBear™:

PASSION VTL is more than bearings, it is a team of experts, who face challenges called by our clients with passion.

KNOWLEDGE We undertake complicated challenges and create unique solutions. We follow the newest science achievements and use them in our products.

PARTNERSHIP Our involvement doesn’t end at sale. We daily cooperate with professional VTL users, which makes us trusted expert in bearing’s field.

VTL is not only a bearing brand – it symbolizes precision, technological efficiency and modernity. The basis for the operation of our bearings is movement – as a company we want to move forward and increase motion to provide products that can be used with confidence in a wide range of specialist applications.

Every single product is carefully analyzed and checked to ensure the highest possible durability, lifetime and safety of use.

We want the awareness of our brand to go beyond the industrial sector – we want to inspire and motivate to act in accordance with our motto: Keep on rolling.

Dlaczego warto wybrać VTL SilverBear™?

Jakość – tak samo jak nasze produkty, to suma komponentów, która powoduje, że mogą się sprawdzić nawet w najtrudniejszych warunkach. Kliknij na łożysko i zobacz, dlaczego warto wybrać VTL SilverBear™:

PASJA VTL to więcej niż łożyska, to zespół ekspertów, którzy z pasją podchodzą do wyzwań stawianych przez naszych Klientów.

WIEDZA Podejmujemy się skomplikowanych wyzwań, tworząc niestandardowe rozwiązania. Podążamy za najnowszymi osiągnięciami nauki, wykorzystując je w naszych produktach.

PARTNERSTWO Nasze zaangażowanie nie kończy się w momencie sprzedaży produktu. Współpracujemy na codzień z profesjonalnymi użytkownikami produktów VTL, stając się zaufanym ekspertem w zakresie techniki łożyskowania.