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Our products

Uncompromising quality, above-average durability and reliability - introducing the SilverBear™ product series.

Line of products for common use

SilverBear™ bearings are created for professional applications, where durability and reliability are a must. We strive to ensure that the quality of our bearings meets the expectations of our customers.

We use materials with characteristics that are appropriate for a certain bearing class. We don’t do compromises in cases, where it could have a negative impact on the working efficiency. We ourselves are users of our products – we constantly test them and create solutions from components accepted by professionals. We work with recognized university laboratories in the country, and also use our own VTL Lab™ laboratory. As a result, we are sure that the quality of the products we supply meets the highest quality standards.

Types of products offered as part of the SilverBear™ series:


Line of products for special application

Where typical solutions are not enough, we recommend special products from SilverBear+™ series.

The quality of products is very important to us for both SilverBear™ and SilverBear+™ series. We need to be sure that components submitted for use meets strict standards. The trained VTL LAB staff, equipped with world-class measuring devices is engaged at every stage of product development.

Types of products offered as part of the SilverBear+™ series: